Chaos Communication Camp 2015

⇠ back | date: 2015-08-25 | tags: c3, ccc, /dev/diary | duration: 01:21 minutes

Hey everybody, long time no read.

As I returned from vacation on the Chaos Communication Camp 2015 (Not sure if I'll post more about that) and probably starting a new job next week (pssst not sure if I should talk about it 😉 ) the rest of my summer is still ahead of me and I'm booming with ideas and inspiration to do stuff.

I've started more intensively coding on the newdawn branch of Reedb, the C port of the database and planning some features for the old codebase via the backports branch. Because the new codebase will use a different crypto backend (from OpenSSL to gnu_crypt) a migration agent will be neccesary to migrate between 0.11.x to 0.12+ vaults. But as very few people currently use Reedb and most setups are for testing purposes only that isn't a very big priority right now. Depends on how the current version of reedb develops :)

But that's talk for another day. What else has been going on? After the Chaos Communication Camp 2015 I've been playing around a bit with my rad1o badge.

Rad1o Badge

But not much has resulted from that yet. The distribution I'm using (Fedora 22) at this time unfortunately has a broken arm-gcc package which means that a linker for embedded systems isn't working properly. So hacking on that will have to wait a little bit. But I will very likely post more stuff about that in the future.

Until another day, Kate