I got accepted to GSoC 2016

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Acceptence Mail

The title should be self explanatory about that one 😊

But let me go back a little bit. A couple of weeks ago I sat in the basement of my local hackerspace talking to a friend about crypto when somebody joined the conversation, asking if I was a student and if I might be interested in Google Summer of Code.

After I looked up the project and familiarised myself with what had to be done, I thought it would be interesting to try to apply. And so I did. I wrote a long-ish proposal of what I wanted to do, how I would do it and when exactly I would acomplish my goals. (You can read my original proposal here)

In the meantime I actually had a sit-down with my mentor (the person joining the conversation in that basement) and made further plans how to implement things.

And so this is it. The next month or so I will have time to get to know the code base of the project (although I partially already have), meet more people from the community and generally get into the rythm of what GSoC is.

I will be posting three blog posts on the official Freifunk Blog, one in a couple of days/ weeks, one in the height of the project and one that will go into the aftermath of the project.

But in the meantime I will be keeping my blog up to date about what I am doing, how things are going, my challenges and things I learn. In the hopes that people might find it useful and lean things from it. Or just to save my insane ramblings in some narcissistic pleasure...to think that I am relevant in the world 😜

Read you soon,