Some website design changes

⇠ back | date: 2020-01-03 | tags: /dev/diary, meta | duration: 01:31 minutes

Howdy, it's that time of year again where I apparently do design things on this website (the last article is from exactly 2 years ago). Apologies if you've never been to my website and only use the RSS feed. Also: you're cool!

In previous iterations of this series I tended to fundamentally change the way that the website worked, either by changing the way that the html was generated, or by cutting down/ adding categories. This time I'm doing none of that.

Indeed things are getting simpler but mostly on the CSS side of things. I was able to delete about half of my CSS which is a pretty cool. The biggest change in the way the website looks is the article overview and the article pages themselves.

Generally I didn't like the card design style very much anymore so I wanted to change that. But I also wanted to make it simpler to see all my articles at a glance, without any summaries. I feel this makes the blog feel more "web log-y", which I like. It also means it's now consistently bright text on dark background and I think I've gotten the typography down enough to make it all pretty.

Anyway, there's more things I wanted to do but those will come later. I should also point out that my primary code host for this website isn't github anymore. It's now hosted on sourcehut and collaborations are still welcome (if you see a typo or have general comments), albeit not with pull requests anymore. You can submit patches to my public inbox which I have hinted at in a previous article.

In post-congress news I seem to have caught a cold, so: bye.

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