Starting a public inbox

⇠ back | date: 2019-07-20 | tags: blogging, communication | duration: 01:30 minutes

I've been a lot more active on this blog in the last year than I have previously, and that makes me pretty happy. I'm trying to become less obsessed about publishing only perfect diamonds made of words, but instead also publishing articles that might still have some flaws or that I haven't rewritten twelve times yet ;)

As a result of this I have actually gotten more and more e-mails by people saying that they read my blog, giving me feedback and sometimes submitting patches to my website repository to fix typos or bad formatting. And that's pretty cool.

Recently I started thinking if the format of e-mail might not be well suited for comments as well. Not just to me, but to allow other readers to talk about the stuff I post. I wasn't super sure if this was such a great idea, after all...this is the internet we're talking about. Someone will be an asshole and ruin it for everybody.

Then I discovered Drew DeVaults public-inbox mailing list, which is basically exactly what I thought about creating, hosted on source hut.

It might still be a terrible idea, but it's one I wanna try. I also wanna automatically post new blog posts to the mailing list, as plain text, so people don't have to fuss around with my RSS feed if they don't want to. I will host my public-inbox on source hut for now too, especially considering that I've been trying it out for a lot of smaller personal stuff, it makes sense. And I really quite like it (might write about that in the future too)

So, if you have comments, questions or want to fix typos, feel free to check out my public-inbox

Let's see how this goes then 😀