Winter update

⇠ back | date: 2016-12-02 | tags: /dev/diary, meta | duration: 01:52 minutes

Howdy everybody!

As the year is winding down and we're all getting ready for the jump to take us out of what has (in my opinion) been a very shitty year, I looked at my blog and could only shake my head.

I had moved this over from Wordpress to Pelican and basically replicated all of the layouts to the extent that some of Pelicans own functionality had to be abused to make it work. But as I kept publishing things on here I realised that most of the features I had implemented went unused.

And so, for the last few days I have tweaked the layout (and design - as some might notice) to be a bit more traditional again.

I was also considering to change theme but after not finding anything I liked I decided to hack the fuck out of my current one instead. You can check out all of my horrible changes here.

I've also finally done some stuff that I've wanted to do for ages - such as pimping up the front page, adding a proper projects page and go through some of my old tutorial series, fix their formatting (yea right "perfect wordpress import...") and update them to newer API's of libraries. Some articles have just been dropped because I would have had to re-work their formatting and they were no longer relevant. Stuff will slowly be introduced again, with proper formatting 😊

Everything else

In the terms of literally everything except my blog: I'm looking forward to the 33C3. I'll be joining with the c-base assembly. My first congress in almost a decade! Expect maybe an update from that. And maybe there might be some christmas hacking. It's always more fun to do silly RGB LED stuff if it ends up annoying people on the tree!

Also, with the blog now in a bit better shape I will try to keep a closer journal of what I'm doing. But promises, right? 😉

I shall leave you with this piece of relaxing GIF.